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ECU Tuning Options

We'll need some information about your build to recommend a suitable tune: full build specs, fuel type, turbo modifications (if applicable), etc.

We do not offer "Stage 1/2/3" ECU tunes. Competitors Staged tunes are often more expensive and offer less features than even our "GO"/mail-in tunes.

A deposit (HERE) or payment in full is required to book your appointment if opting for a tune in-person. Deposit is not required for mail-in tunes. Mail-in tunes require full payment before work can begin.

TCU Tuning Options

Get firmer, quicker shifts and the ability to shift above the limit imposed by OEM programming. Even a completely stock vehicle can take advantage of a TCU tune.

A deposit is not required to for a TCU tune.

If you're viewing on a mobile device, please click here for TCU information


  • 2-step/launch control

  • pops/bangs/crackle

  • raised rev limiter

  • no "power" changes

  • compatible with 87-93 octane


  • remove OEM auto upshift in Manual Mode and ability to hold the transmission in current gear at wide open throttle

  • raised shift points in Sport Mode

*if applicable​


  • "SHOW" options included

  • AFR refinements

  • ignition timing refinements

  • boost level refinements*

  • throttle response refinements

  • CEL (check engine light) fix*

  • requires 91/93 octane fuel

  • not compatible with nitrous or E85


  • Stage One features

  • increased shift firmness

  • decreased time between gear changes

*if applicable​


  • "SHOW" and "GO" options included

  • datalogging to refine fuel & ignition timing to maximum safe values

  • boost levels maximized and refined*

  • VVT/VCT refinements

  • further throttle refinements

*if applicable​


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