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All modifications listed with a SHOW tune are included as well as -


For 2.0 cars you can expect -

-AFR refinements for safe operation

-ignition timing refinements for safe operation

-boost level refinements (above stock) for safe operation

-throttle response refinements

-slightly lowered minimum oil temp for full boost

-requires 91/93 octane fuel

-not compatible with nitrous or E85

-one step colder heat range spark plugs required



For 3.8 cars you can expect -

-AFR refinements for safe operation

-ignition timing refinements for safe operation

-throttle response refinements

-requires 91/93 octane fuel

-not compatible with nitrous or E85


2.0 cars typically see gains of 25+whp* and 40+wtq*. 3.8 cars typically see gains of 18+whp* and 15+wtq*. Don't be fooled by other tuners and their inflated numbers just to be disappointed when you hit a dyno or race your friends.


Deposit payments can be made HERE to start your appointment process

Your factory warranty will be void upon loading a tune from any aftermarket company and Alphaspeed is no exception.


Pay close attention to pricing info. Prices may change depending on options chosen for your configuration.


Please note that all sales are final for all tuning services and/or ECUs provided by Alphaspeed Midwest. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to create and hold your appointment if being tuned in person. If you have paid in full, your deposit is included in that payment. Full payment is required prior to any ECU tune or modification. Professional removal/installation of your ECU by a licensed on-site Hyujdai technician/dealer is required. Working with your vehicle's wiring and powertrain/drivetrain management system requires specialized training and experience. Some listed features may not be applicable to each specific year/engine/transmission. Alphaspeed Midwest is not responsible for damages incurred to your ECU, vehicle, or vehicle components due to inappropriate installation.


*These numbers are estimates assuming a healthy engine, full bolt-on engine modifications, appropriate temperature and humidity settings, and may be dependent on fuel type.


**If applicable. Contact us before purchase for any questions 

Genesis Coupe "GO" Tune

$555.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price
  • GO style tunes are the best bang-for-the-buck way to add power to your Genesis Coupe.


    You may not need to visit a physical dealer for a tune.  Simply remove your ECU, ship to my location (I pay shipping both ways), then have your ECU reinstalled when it returns. Your engine configuration (2.0 or 3.8) determines what is modified in your flash. All GO tunes are configured for use with 91/93 octane fuel only. E85 is not an option for a GO tune. E85 is CUSTOM tune only.


    Note - a SHOW tune is NOT a required base for a GO tune

  • Upon purchase, you agree to Alphaspeed Midwest Policies, Releases, and Terms and Conditions as well as any terms listed on documents provided to you by ASMW. Prepaid/free shipping is only available for contintental US based customers. Please contact us before purchase for options if you're based outside the US.

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