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-8 Speed Transmission Only-


Stage One will eliminate auto upshifts in Manual Mode and will raise shift points in Sport Mode. This allows you to reach the rev limiter defined in your tune so you can take advantage of your entire powerband. This has shown to be especially useful for 3.8 cars (peak power usually lands between 6600-7000) and big turbo 2.0 cars (peak power usually lands at 7200+ depending on turbo size). This is a very inexpensive way to grab some power left on the table over the stock TCU programming

Stage Two will give you the same features as Stage One as well as increased shift firmness and speed. This will result in faster times at your favorite track or preferred proving grounds


An ECU tune will be required to fully take advantage of the powerband information listed above. Stock ECU programming generally limits Genesis Coupes to ~6800rpms, while stock TCU programing initiates a gear change between 5700-6400rpms depending on gear and load. If you already have an Alphaspeed tune and aren't sure if your rev limiter was raised, just let us (or any Alphaspeed dealer) know and we'll check


Genesis Coupe TCU Tune

  • Unlike competitor TCU tunes that use the exact same file from an unknown source, Alphaspeed TCU tunes are based on in-house testing over a 6 month time period on my personal vehicles. I've never released a tune or a feature that hasn't been thoroughly tested from daily driving and/or track abuse on my own cars


    Our TCU tune is the most affordable way to utilize the full potential of your Automatic Transmission BK2 Genesis Coupe. Stock TCU programming restricts your vehicle by imposing shift points well below peak power, as low as 5700rpms at wide open throttle in lower gears. Along with giving you more rpm headroom, our TCU tune also gives you the flexibility to initiate a gear change at or near the rev limiter imposed by your ECU tune (purchased separately). In manual mode gear changes must be initiated by the user; the TCU will not reach the next gear without user intervention. Sport Mode gear changes are dynamic and will range from 6400rpms (first gear) to ~7200rpms.


    Daily driving will remain as docile and reliable as the stock programming, but when you need the extra edge it'll be on tap



    Hyundai has published a TSB (21-AT-018H) for harsh 2-3. 3-4. and/or 4-5 upshifts for the 8 speed automatic gearbox. This is very common in BH/DH/BK Genesis models as well as the Hyundai Equus. According to the TSB, the affected shift solenoids will need replacement. If you experience harsh shifts in those gears, before or after removing power from the TCU; you're more than likely affected by issues listed in the TSB

  • Upon purchase, you agree to Alphaspeed Midwest Policies, Releases, and Terms and Conditions as well as any terms listed on documents provided to you by ASMW. Prepaid/free shipping is only available for contintental US based customers. Please contact us before purchase for options if you're based outside the US.

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