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Professional installation of all products sold by Alphaspeed Midwest (ASMW) is required to be performed by a licensed, active Hyundai Dealer/Technician, and is not a service provided by ASMW. If you opt for self installation of any products, you forgive ASMW of any potential damages, concerns, or issues that may arise including but not limited to: ECU malfunction, electrical damage (relating to any wiring, harness, data transfer means, sensor, movable electronic parts, etc), functions of the vehicle relating to the ECU directly or indirectly as a result of ECU modifications, etc.

Neither ASMW nor any Alphaspeed dealer can warranty or guarantee working order of an ECU due to misuse or mishandling once it has left our possession. Nor can any Alphaspeed dealer be held responsible for any fees, labor costs, and/or parts/repair costs incurred by the handling, mishandling, installation, or misuse of an ECU or any peripheral(s) related to installation. Some features listed in item descriptions may not be applicable to your specific vehicle. Our tuning services are strictly for off road use, and any use on public roads is not recommended or guaranteed, as stated in this agreement before the tuning and/or ECU modification process is started.

Tuning your ECU requires specialty equipment and processes that may result in a bricked ECU. We take every precaution necessary to try and prevent this, however, no process is foolproof and this is no exception. In the event of a bricked or inoperable ECU, you may need to purchase a replacement ECU or send your ECU to a 3rd party for repair which could incur additional time and cost for you. Changing your factory tuning parameters can be dangerous and may result in damage to the engine and/or other parts of your drivetrain and/or powertrain. We work with experienced tuners to avoid these types of problems, however there is still the risk of engine damage caused by improper installation of parts, incorrect information provided to the tuner about your modifications, and/or changing your modifications after the tuning process, etc. If you plan to make changes after your tune, let us know BEFORE your tune. Additionally, modifying factory ECU parameters in any way can and will void your manufacturer warranty.  No guarantee is made by ASMW in the event that warranty work may need to be performed by a Hyundai dealer or 3rd party.

If you have any questions regarding but not limited to specificity of feature sets, services provided, timeframes, etc you agree to have them addressed before payment has been made.


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This information is subject to change and/or modification at any time without notice.

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