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Orders placed Monday through Friday are shipped within one business day unless otherwise stated on the product page or communicated via email. Extra time may be needed to secure a replacement ECU/TCU (if ordered) for customers who require a spare. Preorders are an exception as well. Orders placed on an observable holiday, or after 1pm CST on a day preceding a holiday will be delayed by one (1) business day. International shipping is not available. Please contact us regarding shipment to PO Boxes​ prior to placing an order.


All goods/services sold by ASMW are custom items. As such, returns are not accepted for reasons other than a manufacturing defect that deems the product unable to be used as ASMW intended. If a manufacturing defect is found prior to install and the damage is not due to improper or attempted install then the return/exchange process can be initiated. The item will need to be shipped back to ASMW for inspection as part of the process. In the event of a manufacturing defect, a replacement item will be provided. Replacement is limited to fuel line kits and fuel injectors. ECUs, TCUs, and ECU/TCU physical/software modifications/tunes are not eligible for returns, refunds, or replacement.


Refunds are not made under any circumstances for but not limited to- custom items, tunes, ECUs/TCUs, ECUs/TCUs as part of the "send me a spare" option (regardless if the ECU/TCU has shipped or if the tune has been performed), tune deposits, purchases of tunes as part of the equipment rental/tuning service, and/or other items that have been shipped, or if a shipping label has been created. Refunds for cancelled in-person tunes (scheduled or purchased but not completed) and/or in-person ECU/TCU modifications are not given for any amount. If a tune and/or an ECU/TCU modification has already been performed, shipped, or a shipping label has been created; no refund will be given for any amount. If you have placed an order for any in-person tune, ECU/TCU, or ECU/TCU modification and have not made prior arrangements for shipping, or are unable to physically travel to have the work performed (such as for a Custom tune), or if you have not verified you can be placed on the schedule to begin the process before placing your order, your payment will only be refunded for the amount of equipment rental, regardless if equipment rental is chosen. Cancelled orders over $25 that don't meet above criteria will be subject to a fee no less than 15% of the order but no more than the amount of the order. Processing time for any applicable refunds may take up to 10 business days depending on your payment method.


All sales are final for ECUs/TCUs, tunes/modifications, stickers/vinyl/media.


This information is subject to change and/or modification at any time without notice.

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