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TCU Tunes!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

As we wrap up development on TCU tunes for the Genesis Coupe (and other platforms) I'd like to make an announcement to go over the details and features you can expect. These will be offered in Stage One and Stage Two variants. As of this post, Stage One is ready to go for all Genesis Coupes except BK1 3.8 (due to a hardware limitation). Genesis Sedans can also get in on the new developments. Stage 2 is in final testing and will be available soon Stage One eliminates auto upshifts in Manual Mode and raises shift points in Sport Mode. This allows you to reach the rev limiter of your tune so you can take advantage of your entire powerband. Changes to Sport Mode programming means never missing a shift (which could be possible in Manual Mode since you have to initiate the gear change) but gaining the extra rpms necessary to extend your powerband. Both changes have been especially useful for 3.8 cars (peak power usually lands between 6600-7000) and big turbo 2.0 cars (peak power usually lands at 7200+ depending on turbo size). This is a very inexpensive way to grab some power left on the table over the stock TCU programming Stage Two will give you the same features as Stage One as well as increased shift firmness and speed. This will result in faster times at your favorite track or preferred proving grounds

Daily driving will remain as docile and reliable as the stock programming, but when you need the extra edge it'll be on tap

Check out pricing and a complete rundown of features in the shop!

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