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*this page is under construction. please email for any questions before ordering*


For 3.3L cars you can expect -


-rev limiter raised to 7200rpms (only in Park/Neutral for automatic transmission)

-2 step/launch (only in Park/Neutral for automatic transmission)

-pops/bangs/crackle on deceleration (with catless/offroad setup)

-optimized ignition timing

-optimized fuel maps

-optimized VCT (if applicable)

-reduced torque/traction control limits imposed by stock programming

-improved throttle response

-lowered cooling fan temperature thresholds


Genearally 10-30whp can be realized with a Go/Custom tune depending on engine health and fuel type. Your results may vary



-SHOW tunes are compatible with 87-93 octane fuel

-GO tunes are compatible with 91/93 octane fuel

-CUSTOM tunes are compatible with 91/93/E85 fuel


Your factory warranty will be void upon loading a tune from any aftermarket company and Alphaspeed is no exception.


Pay close attention to pricing info. Prices may change depending on options chosen for your configuration.


Please note that all sales are final for all tuning services and/or ECUs provided by Alphaspeed Midwest. Full payment is required prior to any ECU tune or modification. Professional removal/installation of your ECU is required if you plan to mail in your ECU or are purchasing a spare: working with your vehicle's wiring and powertrain/drivetrain management system requires specialized training and experience. Some listed features may not be applicable to each specific year/engine/transmission. Alphaspeed Midwest is not responsible for damages incurred to your ECU, vehicle, or vehicle components due to inappropriate/improper installation.

Hyundai Sonata Tune

  • An ECU tune is a cost effective way to safely add some flair to your current setup while still maintaning stock-like drivability and fuel economy.



    Simply have your removed ECU, shipped to my location, then have your ECU reinstalled when it returns. Your engine configuration (2.0, 2.4, or 3.3L) determines what is modified in your tune. All SHOW tunes are configured for use with 87-93 octane fuel. All GO tunes must use 91/93 octane. All Custom tunes must use 91/93 octane or E85 (determined at the time of your tune).

  • Upon purchase, you agree to Alphaspeed Midwest Policies, Releases, and Terms and Conditions as well as any terms listed on documents provided to you by ASMW. Prepaid/free shipping is only available for contintental US based customers. Please contact us before purchase for options if you're based outside the US.

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