For BK2 3.8 Genesis Coupes

When purchased with an ethanol content sensor and gauge (sold separately) this is a 100% bolt-on-and-go solution to properly add the ability to read ethanol content in your fuel with a greater than OEM fit and finish. Just add your choice of ethanol content gauge and a tune then you're ready to go!

Please note that these kits are made to order and may require 1-2 day lead time from the date of order.

BK2 3.8 E85 Fuel Line Conversion Kit

  • This kit includes 2 PTFE-lined ethanol safe fuel lines to allow a clean install of an aftermarket ethanol content sensor. This is necessary when opting for an E85 tune to allow the user to view ethanol content delivered to the fuel rail.


    Fuel lines and all fittings are sized to match the stock fuel line diameter. All fittings are black anodized 6061 aluminum. Fuel lines and fittings have been tested safe to over 150psi without issue.



    *Please note that some differences may be seen in your kit. Such as: o-ring color, pattern on fuel lines, fitting configuration, etc. 


    **If you have a 2016 or late 2015 BK2 3.8, you may have a different high pressure fuel pump that requires a modified fitting. This will need to be stated in your checkout notes so the appropriate setup can be shipped. Please email with questions before purchase.

    ***Kits ordered prior to 08/2020 were shipped with a different fitting configuration. Kits shipped from 08/2020 forward have a simplified configuration. Functionality remains the same between both versions.

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