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For BK1 3.8 Genesis Coupes

Whether you're running a basic wet 50 shot or a full progressive system on your Gen, you need a safe, reliable way to integrate your stock fuel system feed into the mix. This fuel line adapter kit is 100% bolt-in with no cutting needed! Just install your nitrous kit of choice and use this adapter to take care of the fuel requirements.

Please note that these kits are made to order and may require 1-2 day lead time from the date of order.

BK1 3.8 Nitrous Fuel Line Adapter


  • This kit includes the necessary adapters and replacement fuel line to allow clean integration of your existing nitrous kit into the stock fuel system of your Genesis Coupe. No cutting or splicing needed. Pure bolt-in-and-go installation!


    Included in the kit - 

    - (1) Hard Line Adapter
    - (1) Replacement Fuel Line
    - (1) Nitrous Fuel Feed Fitting
    - (1) Fuel Rail Adapter


    - (2) Female Ethanol Sensor Fittings (with E85 conversion option)
    - (2 total) Ethanol Safe Fuel Lines (with E85 conversion option)


    Fuel lines and all fittings are sized to match the stock fuel line diameter. Hard line adapter is 304 stainless. All other fittings are black anodized 6061 aluminum. Fuel lines and fittings have been tested safe to over 150psi without issue.



    *Please note that some differences may be seen in your kit. Such as: o-ring color, pattern on fuel lines (if applicable), etc. Functionality is identical throughout all parts I stock for these kits. Professional installation is recommended. Working with the fuel system of any vehicle requires specialized training and experience. A tune is required for any non-stock fueling and/or induction for your vehicle and is not provided as a service with the purchase of this item. 

  • Upon purchase, you (buyer) agree to Alphaspeed Midwest Policies and Terms and Conditions

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