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AlphaX CAN Enabler

** 8 currently in stock. All orders placed will be shipped by 01/06/24 **


For BK1 and BK2 Engine Swapped Genesis Coupes


The AlphaX CAN Enabler is designed to bridge the communication gap between the non-stock ECU of your engine swapped Genesis Coupe and the factory instrument panel. 

AlphaX CAN Enabler

$499.00 Regular Price
$380.00Sale Price
  • Nothing screams "half-assed swap" more than non-working factory guages and multiple blinding error lights on your dash. With the AlphaX CAN Enabler, you can suppress those lights and allow your non-stock/aftermarket ECU to communicate with your OEM guage panel to display Coolant Temp, properly drive your Tachometer, as well as drive additional input/outputs

    Initial install requires only 4 wires- Switched 12v, Ground, CAN High, and CAN Low. These 4 wires will turn off the traction control active / ABS light (if factory ABS is removed/disabled) , check engine light, emergency brake light, and will sweep the speedo and tach needles when the key is turned to the "On" position. Some additional, but generally easy wiring is required to send data to the tach/coolant gauge


    The factory speedometer is driven from the OEM ABS system, and the factory fuel gauge is driven from the factory fuel level sensor so this board is not needed to display those values. We're currently working on a solution to drive the speedometer if you've deleted or disabled ABS as part of your swap

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