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E85 safe and plug-and-play ready (tune needed), these injectors will support over 345WHP NA on E85 at 85% duty cycle. Compatible with automatic and manual BK1 3.8L (G6DA) equipped Genesis Coupes.

BK1 3.8 520cc Fuel Injectors (set of 6)

$425.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price
  • Whether you're converting your 10-12 3.8L Genesis Coupe to run on E85, adding a turbo/supercharger, or nitrous; your stock 320cc injectors will quickly reach 100% duty cycle during full engine load. These OEM quality 520cc fuel injectors for your Genesis Coupe are a higher flowing direct fit. You will need a tune to run these as they flow much more than stock. Once properly scaled in your tune, they idle and drive with stock qualities.


    Included in this kit -

    - (6) Brand New 520cc Fuel Injectors with o-rings

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